MD Govenor’s Cup Wine Competition

by Laurie on September 7, 2013

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Featured Guests crow interview (2)Judy and Roy Crow, Owners/Winemakers for Crow Farm and Vineyard joined us talk about their wines that won at Maryland Governor’s Cup Wine Competition. Their Vidal Blanc won a gold and their Barbera Rosé  won a bronze medal. A great feat for a couple that has only been in business for two years! Roy and Judy have owned the farm and a bed and breakfast for years but it wasn’t until 2011 when they established their first vintage and 2012 when they came to possess their own winery. Mark and Kim Owners/Winemakers for Cascia Vineyards discussed their award winning Nebbiolo.  The Cascia’s were thrilled about their win at the Maryland Governor’s Cup Wine Competition. This Best in Class winner, when aged properly, has a very delicate taste and a new sensation every time you take a sip. Mark had a dream of owning his own winery when he and Kim met. In 1998 that dream came true and today they have a 2000 plant vineyard! Upcoming Events 9/7 Join Laurie at the Wine Festival at Harrah’s Philadelpia in Chester, PA at 2 PM. 9/8 Laurie will be at the The Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival – SOMETHING TO WINE ABOUT at Reston Town Center at 3 PM. 9/13 Join Laurie for wine, chocolate and comedy at The Hotel Hershey Wine and Food Festival at 7 PM. Next Week We’ll be back next week we’ll be back to explore the recipe for a delicious life! Special Thanks to Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis and Wells Discount Liquors.  

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